(2517.) C. polytrichoides, Muhl. in Willd. (1802); Pursh, Fl.

L, 39; Hook., Fl. II., 209.

C leptalea, Wahl. Köngl. Acad. Handi. XXIV., 139, (1803.) C. rnicrostachya, Michx., Fl. II., 169, (1803.)

Swamps and bogs throughout Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) In a swamp at Truro, N.S. (Macoun.) Rather common at Bass River; Spurr's Cove, N.B. (Fowler, Oat.) Becscie River, Anticosti; Cape Rosier, and near Point Fame, Gaspö coast. (Macoun.) Beaumont swamps, and Mingan, Q. (St. Oyr.) Swamps at Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Kemptville, Ont. (Porter.) Abundant in black ash, elm, and cedar swamps throughout central Ontario.

(Macoun,) Low grounds around Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Swamps, London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.) Owen Sound, Ont.; common around Lake Superior and up the Nipigon River; swamps at Port Arthur, and westward through the forest country and prairie to Brandon, Man. (Macoun.) Michipicotin River, Ont. (R. Bell.) Lake Mistassini, N.E.T. (J. M. Macoun.) Common in swamps and bogs from Morley westward through the Rocky Mountains, to the summit of the Selkirk Mountains, B.C.; boggy places at Nanaimo and on Mount Mark, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Swamp near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.) Hudson Bay to Norway House, north of Lake Winnipeg. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2518.) C. scirpoidea, Michx., Fl. I., 171, (1803); Pursh, Fl. I., 34; Hook., Fl. II., 208.

C. Michauxii, Schwein. An. Tab. I., 64, (1823.)

C. Wormskioldiana, Schwein. & Torr. I., 294, (1824.)

C. scirpina, Tuckerman, Enum. Meth. 8, (1843.)

Cold boggy places or mountain summits. Summit of Mount Albert,. Shickshock Mountains, Gaspé, Q. (Porter.) Bog at Sydney Mine, Cape Breton; Salt Lake, and Jupiter River, Anticosti; Red, and Chicken bays, Lake Huron, Ont. (Macoun.) Swamp between Badger Creek and Turtle Mountain, Man. (Dawson. Burgess.) Severn Lake, Kee-watin; Souris Plain, Man. (J. M. Macoun.) Griswold, Man. (Bur-man.) Not uncommon on the prairies, from Brandon north-westward to Edmonton; abundant in boggy meadows, from Morley westward through the Rocky, and Selkirk mountains, B.C.; summit of Mount Arrowsmith, alt. 5,500 feet, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Fort Norman, Mackenzie River; Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.) Arctic sea-coast; (Richardson.) Greenland. (Lange.)

(2519.) C. obtusata, Liljeblad, Köngl. Acad. Handl. (1793); Hook.,

Fl. II., 209.

C. affinis, E. Br. Rich. App. Frankl. Narr., 763, (1823); Hook., Fl.

II., 209. C. Backiana, Dew. Sill. Journ. XXIX., 250, (1836.) C. obesa, var. monostachya, Boeckeler, Linnsea XLI, 185-

Abundant in the prairie region on gravelly slopes, and amongst the foot-hills. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Near Moose Mountain Creek, Souris Plain, Assiniboia. (J. M. Macoun.) Fort Qu'Appelle, Assini-boia. (Fletcher.) Quite common on dry slopes, from Portage la Prairie westward to the Rocky Mountains, and northward throughout the Saskatchewan region; on dry gravelly slopes in the foot-hills at Morley, and westward to Canmore, in the Rocky Mountains; Bridge Creek, Eraser River, B.C. (Macoun.) Carleton House, Saskatchewan River and wooded country northward; Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.}

(2520.) C. rupestris, Allioni, Fl. Ped. II., 264, t, 92, (1823.)

C attenuaia, R. Brown, Rich. App. Frankl. Voy., 763, (1823.)

C. .Drummondiana, Dew. Journ. XXIX., 251, (1836.)

C. rupestris, var. Drummondiana, Bailey, Carex, Cat. (1884.)

Border of the first mountain gorge west from Kananaskis Station, Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) Fort Norman, Mackenzie River; Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2521.) C. ursina, Dew. Sill. Journ. XXVII., 240, (1835.)

C. glareosa, var. exspilosa, Boeck.; Bailey, Carex, Syn. No. 212, (1886.) C. glareosa, var. ursina, Bailey, Carex. Cat. (1884.)

Arctic sea-coast. (Hooker, FL) Greenland. (Lange.)

* * Bracts foliaceous. Green.

(2522.) C. Backii, Boott, Hook., Fl. II., 210, (1840.)

C. Willdenovii, Gray, Gram. & Cyp. II., No. 169, in part. Not uncommon on dry, grassy and rocky places; in open woods a thickets. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Miriwin's Woods, near Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Port Colborne, Ont. (McGill Coll. Herb.) Carleton Place, Ont.; dry ground at Belleville and Shannonville, Hastings Co.; Bald Island, Balsam Lake, Victoria Co.; Nipigon River, north of Lake Superior; Portage la Prairie, and thickets near Brandon, and Rapid City, Man.; valley of the Fraser River, at Boston Bar, B.C. (Macoun.) On the Saskatche-River, at Cumberland House and Fort Carleton; Lake Winnipeg and Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2523.) C. Willdenovii, Schk. (1806); Pursh, Fl. I., 39, (1814.)

On a sandy island in the Lake of the Woods, near the mouth of Rainy River, 1872. (Macoun.)

(2524.) C. Steudelii, Kunth. Enum. Pl. II., 480, (1837.) C. Willdenovii, var. Muhl. Gram. 230, (1817.)

On banks along Lake Erie, at Port Stanley; chiefly on clay bluffs west of the railway terminus, 1882. (Macoun.)

(2525.) C. Ceyeri, Boott, Linn. Trans. XX., 18, (1846.)

Western summit of North Kootanie Pass Rocky Mountains, 1883. (Dawson.)

II. Spike composed of sessile and androgynous, or rarely dioecious spikelets.

Stigmas II.

* Spikes dioecious, or the spikelets androgynous with the male and female flowers irregularly intermixed.

(2526.) C. bromoides, Schk. (1802); Pursh, Fl. L, 35, (1814); Hook., Fl. II., 212.

Swamps and wet grassy places; rather rare. Marsh near Truro, N.S. (Macoun.) Pollet River and Portage, Petitcodiac; Arthurette, and Salmon River, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, FL Ott.) Common in swamps at Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Piece of damp woods east of Belleville, Ont. (Macoun.) Swamps near Hamilton, Ont. (Logie.) Bogs and swamps at London, and Parry Sound, Ont. (Burgess.) British America; Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.)