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A common and very variable species, found in crevices of moist shaded rocks, in rich woods, and sometimes in open wet places. It is one of the most universally distributed of our ferns, appearing in almost every part of the Dominion, growing even on the open prairie in moist places near rocks. It is so variable that the same roots will at different times, or even the same time, produce fronds that might be referred to different ones of the many, so-called, varieties,

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A slender, tufted species, occurring in wet places among rocks, or in low rich woods. It is found in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, though not common, and extends westward to the Lake of the Woods. Hartley's Waterfall, Pirate Harbour, Strait of Canso, N.S. (Ball.) Aspey Bay, Cape Breton. (McKay.) Newport, Hants Co., N.S.; and Grand Falls, N.B. (Jack.) Very abundant about the Lower St. John, Coldbrook, N.B. (Hay.) Restigouche and St. John, N.B. (Fowler.) On damp limestone rocks up Jupiter River. Island of Anticosti, Que. (Macoun.) Common in Quebec. (Provancher, D'Urban, Bell, Maclagan, McCord, St. Cyr, etc.) Very abundant throughout Ontario, as far west as the Bruce Peninsula. (Lawson, Billings, Macoun, Logic, Burgess, etc.) Manitoulin Islands, Ont. (J. Bell.) Lake of the Woods. (Dawson.) North-west Angle, Lake of the Woods. (Burgess.)

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One of our rarest ferns, finding its home in low, dense woods, generally along creeks. Labrador. (Butler.) In a deep ravine beside a brook, on the northern face of Mount Albert, Shickshock Mountains, Gaspé, Que.; in a cedar swamp, near the silver mine north of Current River, Lake Superior, Ont.; abundant in Kicking-Horse Pass, Rocky Mountains. (Macoun.) Plentiful along a spring creek, running through spruce woods, about ten miles from the H. B. Co.'s post on Lake Mistissini, N. B. Ter. (J. M. Macoun.) By streams, in shady alpine woods, in the Rocky Mountains, Lat 52°-56°. (Drummond.)