This shrub has never been found fossil, but, even if it were native, it is unlikely that it will be preserved, as it rarely produces seed now in this country. The Northern Temperate Zone is its home, and it is found on the shores of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and inland in Western Asia as far east as N.W. India. In the south and east of England it is an alien, being in all cases planted.

The Tamarisk is an evergreen shrub which is now one of the familiar members of the coastal flora (hence its inclusion in this work), flourishing- on sandy stretches, where it affords some shelter from the bleak east wind. It has served, moreover, with the native Sea Buckthorn, apart from Marram Grass and Sand Sedge, to bind together the otherwise shifting sands of the east coast.

Tamarisk (Tamarix galliai, L.)