Green Winged Orchid (Orchis Morio, L.)

The habitat of this plant is pastures and meadows. The habit is erect. There are 2 root tubers, which are globose. The scape bears radical leaves at the base, which are lance-shaped. The leaves are unspotted, the upper erect. The bracts are coloured, 1-nerved, the same size as the ovary. The flowers are purple and green-veined, the blunt sepals have green veins, and they form a hood with the petals. The lip is pale and purple-spotted. The spur is blunt and nearly straight. The lobes of the lip are broad and scalloped, the middle one longest. The height is 6-12 in. May and June are the flowering months. It is a herbaceous perennial, propagated by tubers.

Irish Orchid (Habenaria Intacla, Benth.)

The habitat of this plant is limestone pastures. The habit is the typical Orchid habit, the scape short. The leaves are oblong, numerous, spotted occasionally. The flowers are in a dense spike, pink, the lateral petals and sepals form a hood. The lip is 3-lobed and projects, the lobes linear, short, the middle one entire or lobed. The nearly round spur is short. The stigma has 2 ascending lobes, and there is a broad flat disk between them. The plant is 4-10 in. high. It flowers in June, and is a herbaceous perennial.