Round - Leaved Mint (Mentha Rotundifolia, Huds.)

The habitat of this plant is wet places, waste places. The habit is as in M. hirsuta. The plant is much-branched. There are leafy aerial stolons. The leaves are without stalks, or only the lower ones are stalked. The leaves are hairless, ovate to oblong, lance-shaped, glandular below, blunt, scalloped, wrinkled above, shaggy or woolly below. The flowers are lilac, pink or white, cylindrical, loose, in interrupted terminal spikes. There are ovate, awl-like, long, narrow-pointed bracts. The throat of the calyx is naked, with awl-like teeth, half as long as the tube. The corolla is hairy, smooth within. The plant is 2-3 ft. in height, flowering in August and September, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Spearmint (Mentha Viridis, L. =M. Spicata, L.)

The habitat of this plant is wet marshy places, waste places. It has been regarded as possibly a cultivated form of M. sylvestris, but differing in its pungent smell. There are aerial, leafy stolons. The leaves are smooth (as the rest of the plant), or nearly so. They are stalkless, lance-shaped to oblong, acute, coarsely toothed, smooth above, glandular below. The flowers are lilac, in loose, cylindrical, slender spikes, which are interrupted, with distant whorls, with awl-like bracts. The throat of the calyx is naked. The corolla is smooth. The plant is 1-3 ft. in height, and flowers in August and September, being a herbaceous perennial.

Long-Leaved Mint Or Horse-Mint (Mentha Longi-Folia, Huds. =M. Sylvestris, L.)

The habitat of this plant is moist waste places, damp waste ground. The habit is as in the last. The stem is robust, woolly, with white hairs. The leaves are stalkless, or more or less so, ovate to lance-shaped, oblong to inversely ovate, heart-shaped below, more or less acute, coarsely toothed, more or less smooth above, woolly below. The flowers are lilac, in continuous, slender spikes, which are linear to cylindrical, close and dense. The brac-teoles are awl-like, the bracts lance-shaped. The ultimate flower-stalks are hairy. The calyx-teeth are lance-shaped. The corolla is hairy. The plant is sweet-scented. It is 2-3 ft. high, and is in flower in August and September. It is a herbaceous perennial.

Lesser Calamint (Calamintha Parviflora, Lam

C. Nepeta, Savi). - The habitat of this plant is dry places, hedge-banks. The habit is more or less erect. The stems are numerous, from the crown of the root, with short, erect branches. The leaves are more or less entire, shortly-stalked, ovate, coarsely-toothed, greyish-green, scalloped.

The flowers are lilac-blue, in compound whorls, of about 10 flowers, in one-sided cymes. The calyx is bell-shaped, erect, on the ultimate stalk, the teeth more or less equal, fringed with hairs, obscurely 2-lipped, the upper shorter, broader, triangular, bent-back, the lower awl-like, and with prominent, protruding hairs in the throat. The common stalk is about as long as the partial stalk. The middle lobe of the lower lip of the corolla is broad, blunt. The plant is 9-20 in. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.