Order Composite

Taraxacum Spectabile, Dahlst)

Differs from T. paludosum in the large, coarsely cut, 4-7-lobed leaves. Grass-green, shining, blotched with dark-crimson. North England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.

Order Labiatve

Ground - Pine (Ajuga Chamcepitys, Schreb.)

Erect. Stems reddish-purple, branched, leafy. Hairs scattered. Radical-leaves withering early, stalked, ovate-lanceolate. Stem-leaves 3-fid, segments linear, entire. Bracts similar, much longer than flowers. Flowers yellow, in many whorls of 2 each. Calyx roughly hairy, teeth narrow, triangular. Lower lip of corolla red-spotted. Nutlets large, oblong, deeply pitted. 3-6 in. May-September. Herbaceous annual. Chiefly on chalk.