Order Caryophyllace.e

Chickweed 'Stellaria umbrosa, Opitz. = 5. Elizabethar. SchultzL - Differs from 5. media. L., as follows: - Stem erect or ascending. L'himate flower-stalks twice as long as calyx, smooth: when in fruit, turned down below, straight above, at length erect. Sepais smooth, with raised points. Seeds with acute tubercles.

Order Geraniaceae

Round-Leaved Crane's-Bill (Geranium Rotundi-Folium, L. = G. Viscidum, Ehrh.)

Erect or spreading", loosely hairy. Leaves as in G. molle, L. Sepals with short awn. Petals longer than sepals, entire, narrow, spoon-shaped, pale-pink; claw smooth. Carpels keeled, not wrinkled. Seeds dotted. 6-12 in. June. Herbaceous annual.

Order Rhamnaceae

Buckthorn (Rhamnus Catharticus, L.)

Much branched. Branches opposite, ending- in thorns. Bark black. Leaves ovate, coarsely toothed, clustered at ends of shoots, opposite lower down, with spreading veins. Dioecious. Parts of flower in fours. Flowers yellow - green, solitary, or clustered in axils of leaf-clusters. Ultimate flower-stalks very short. Calyx of male flowers bell-shaped; of female, cup-shaped, with acute lobes. Style 4-cleft. Fruit a round, black drupe, with 4 stones; latter grooved on back. 5-10 ft. May-July. Deciduous shrub.

Order Rosacea

Dog- Rose (Rosa Sarmentacea, Woods = R. Diimalis, Bechst.)

Leaflets smooth, doubly toothed, margin glandular. Flower-stalks naked. Flowers pink. Sepals fall before fruit is ripe. Styles free. 3-8 ft. June. Deciduous shrub.

Rosa tomentella Lem. (= R. obtusifolia, Desv.). - Leaflets small, very downy below, with many scentless glands. Sepals turned back, falling at length. 3-6 ft. June. Deciduous shrub.

Rosa Scabrata, Crep

Like R. sarmentacea, Woods, but secondary nerves of leaflets more or less glandular. 3 6 ft. June.

Rosa Rothschildii, Druce ( = R. Caryopliyllacea, Auct.)

Leaflets scented, doubly-toothed, hairy on midrib and veins below, margin glandular. Leafstalks and flower-stalks glandular and acicular. Prickles sickle-like. Flowers pale-rose. Style more or less smooth. Fruit ovate, smooth. Northants, Hunts, and Surrey.

Order Umbellifer.^E

Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca Sativa, L. = Peuce-Danum Sativum, B. & H.)

Erect. Stem stout, angled, furrowed, hollow. Leaves pinnate, shining above, downy below; leaflets 2-5 pairs, ovate, cut, coarsely toothed. Flowers small, yellow. No involucre. Fruit broadly oblong. Styles very short. 2-3 ft. July. Herbaceous biennial.

Order Labiate

Hedge Woundwort (Stachys Sylvatica, L.)

Ascending. Rootstock stoloniferous. Stem solid, rather slender. Leaves stalked. Radical soon withering. Cauline ovate, cordate, coarsely toothed. Flowers purplish-red, in whorls of 6-12 flowers. Lower bracts toothed, upper lanceolate, entire. Bracteoles very small. Calyx-teeth triangular, awl-shaped, spinose. Corolla-tube longer than calyx. Lower lip with white markings. Anther-cells spreading. 1-3 ft. July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Ulmaceae

Ulmus glabra, Mill. ( = U. nitens, Mcench). - Habit of Wych Elm. Leaves smooth, shining above, with hairs only in the axils of the veins below. Root sends up suckers. Leaf-stalks smooth when full-grown. 60-120 ft. April. Deciduous tree.

Huntingdon Elm (Ulmus Vegeta = U. Scabra (Montana) X U. Glabra. Mill.)

Lower branches ascending. Twigs nearly smooth. Leaves large, stalked, smooth, and shining above, acute, long-pointed. Root with suckers.

Dutch Elm (Ulmus Hollandica, Mill. = Ulmus Glabra, Mill, X U. Scabra)

Lower branches horizontal. Terminal leaves acute, minutely downy. Branches often very corky. Root with suckers.

Northamptonshire Elm (Ulmus Plotii, Druce = U. Minor, Henry = U. Sativa, Moss Non Mill.)

Lower branches pendulous, somewhat one-sided. Bark smooth. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, long-pointed, bluntly toothed. Upper leaves smooth, shining. Young branches nearly smooth. 50-110 ft.

Order Salicaceve

Grey Poplar (Populus Canescens, Sm.)

Leaves roundish, cordate, hoary or smooth below. Leaves on the suckers angled and toothed. Stigma downy. 30-90 ft. March. Deciduous tree.

Canadian Black Poplar (Populus Serotina, Hort

P. monilifera, Ait.). - Leaves broadly triangular, greyish-gfreen. Trunk smooth, branches ascending. Leaf-buds sticky. Catkins loose. Female flowers rare in this country. Tree has a peculiar list, often to the east. 60-90 ft. April. Deciduous tree.

Populus Deltoidea, Marsh

Differs from last as follows: - Crown more regular. Female flowers frequent. Leaves broadly triangular, with heart-shaped base. Marg-in broadly scalloped, glandular. 60-90 ft. March.