Order Rosacea

Cherry Laurel Primus Laurocerasus. L. I - Leaves almond-scented when bruised, evergreen, shiny above. Flowers white. 4-9 ft. May. Evergreen shrub. Plantations.

Fragrant Agrimony (Agrimania odorata. M ffers from A. Eupatoria as follows: - More hed. racemes denser. Flowers and fruits bell-shaped, with few or no furrows. 1 1/2-4ft June. Herbaceous perenniaL Rare. agrimon ioidis. L. - Radical - leaves large oval lobes Stem leafy, in:. branched. Flowers yellow, enclosed in involucre. 9-15 in July Herbaceous Very rare.

Order Saxifragaceae

Opposite-leaved Golden Saxif;. L. . - Differs from C. alterni>:, L.. as follows: - Stem more leafy,branched. creeping, rooting below. Leaves opposite, round, narrowed suddenly into short broad stalk. 2-4 in. May-July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Valeriaxaceae

Pyrenean Valerian \ Valeriana pyrenaica. LA - Erect. Stem tall, furrowed. Leaves very large, cordate, coarsely toothed, upper with a few basal leaflets. Flowers as in 1". officinaliis. L. 2-4 ft. June. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Composite

Great Burdock (Arctium Lappa, L. = A. majus. Schkuhr - Differs from A. minus. Schkuhr, as follows: - Radical leaves very large. Leap-stalks solid. Flower-heads in a loose corymb, large, 00 long stalks. Involucral bracts spreading 3-4 ft.

July. Herbaceous perenrenial.:

Arctium vulgare. Evans < = A. intermedium i. Involucral bracts spreading. Otherwise like A. minus. 2-4 ft.

Order Boraginace-E

Omphalodes Verna, Mcench

Creeping, stoloni-ferous. Radical - leaves cordate-ovate; cauline ovate-lanceolate. Flowers racemed, few, large, bright-blue. May. Herbaceous Biennial.

Order Scrophilariace-E

Scrophularia ala/a,Gibb. (= S. umbrosa. Dam. I. - Differs from 5. nodosa. L., as follows: - Stem broadly winged, bracta leafy. Capsules rounded. 2-4 ft:. July -September. Herbaceous Perennial.

Order Amentaceae

Sessile Oak Quercus sessifolia - Q. sessiliflora, Sal sb. U - Differs (rotaQ. feduncula. Ehrh., as follows: - Often stunted. Leaves hairy, with two auricles at base; petioles short. Acorns smaller, rounder, closer together, on very short stalks. 60-100 ft. April. Deciduous tree. Characteristic of siliceous so Order Liliace.c.

Star of Bethlehem vOmithognlum umbellatum, L.). - Bulb with several bulbil>. Leaves green. with a white stripe. Flowers in a corymb. Flower-stalks slender, erect. Perianth-segments ear. Filaments awl-shaped. Capsule obovoid. 6-8 in. May. Bulbous Perennial.

Order Juncace.c

Wood Rush Juncus syrhvtieus, Reich. = J. acujorus. Ehrh. .- Tall, stems jointed internally. Leaves flattened, jointed. Flowers 5-6, in dense asters. Perianth-segments dark-chestnut, long-pointed, as long as the capsule. Capsule pale->wn. 3-angled. ovate, beaked. 1-3 ft. July. , Herbaceous Perennial.

White Wood-rush (Luxula nemorasa, E. Mey. = Z. albida. Dc. = Juncoides nemorosum, O. Kuntze. - Cyme doubly compound, flowers in asters of 2-4, whitish or pinkish. Bracts nearly as long- as cyme. Anthers hardly stalked. June. Herbaceous Perennial.