Order Cruciferae

English Scurvy Grass (Cochlearia Anglica, L.)

Differs from Common Scurvy Grass as follows: -Much larger. Radical leaves not cordate. Stem-leaves half-clasping. Pod oblong, obovoid, deeply furrowed. Style slender. 10-18 in. May. Herbaceous annual.

Order Caryophyllace.e Pink (Dianthus gallicits, Pers.). - Like the Cheddar Pink in habit and size. Lower part of stem with small papillate hairs. Leaves with fine marginal teeth. Calyx longer, cylindrical. Flowers dark-rose. Petals with long, irregular, sub-linear, blunt lobes. Sand-dunes, Jersey. July-September. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Legi Mixos.e

Yellow Vetch ( Vicia Lutea, L.)

Sufficients-characterized by the solitary or paired sessile pale-yellow flowers. Calyx-teeth unequal, upper shorter, lower longer than the calyx-tube. Pod turned back, with bulbous hairs. 6-18 in. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Order Crassi lace.c Sedum Drucei, Grabner. - The common British form, previously included in Sedum acre, L. The genuine S. acre is stouter, more erect, and tufted, with thicker leaves; according to Osten-felde, it is found in Stirlingshire. 5. Drucei is common on shores, also inland on rocks, walls, and dry sandy soil.

Order ChexopodiaceaE Shrubby Orache (Atriplex Halimus, L.J. - Recently established on the south coast. Branches white. Leaves rhomboidal, silvery. Otherwise like A. hortensis. 2-6 ft. July - September. Perennial evergreen shrub.

Order Polygoxaceae

Rumex Rupestris, Le Gall

Radical - leaves oblong. Stem-leaves strap-shaped, rounded, and narrowed at both ends. Bracts few, narrow. Panicle tapering; whorls rather close. Sepals large, with nearly parallel sides, narrow, ovate-oblong, blunt, entire. A very large tubercle on each perianth-lobe. Nuts ovate, acute. 1-3 ft. June-September. Herbaceous perennial. Southwest coast. Rare.

Order Gramixace.i

Kceleria Albescens, Dc

Differs mainly from K. gracilis, Pers., in having the leaves rolled lengthwise. 6-18 in. June. Herbaceous perennial. Dorset and Channel Islands. Very rare.

Order Fumariace.e: Capnoides bulbosa, DC. - Erect. Rootstock tuberous, solid. Stem stout, simple. Leaves 2-3-ternate. Bracts lobed, leafy. Flowers purple in a terminal raceme. Spur long. Style per) in. ApriL Herbaceous Perennial Purple Fumitory Capnoidex tuberosa DC. . Differs from last mainly in the holiow tuber.

Order Geraniaceae

Geranium nodosum, L - Erect. Stem smooth, slender. Leaves 3-5-lobed; lobes ovate, with long narrow point, toothed. Flowers paired, pale rose-purple. Sepals awned. Carpels downy. Petals, obcordate, long. 1-2 ft. July. Plantations.

Order Leguminose, L

Prostrate-ascending. Stem branched. Leaflets ovate-oblong, with blunt point. Flowers umbellate, on long stalks, purple or white. 1-3 ft. July. Herbaceous pere:

Black Bitter Vetch Lathyrus nigc. L. . - diffrences from L. macrorrhizus - -J. Leaflets 3-6 pairs. Stipules very narrow. Calyx-teeth very short. Flowers livid - purple, turning blue. Pods narrow, inflated, more or less septate, rough, blunt-pointed at both ends. Seeds flattened, bluntly-angled. 1-2 ft. June. Herbaceous perennial. Scotland, rocky sub-?. vs. Rare.