Order Raninculaceae

Pheasant's Eye (Adonis Annua, L.)

Erect. Stem branched, very leafy. Leaves 3- (or more) pinnatifid. Segments linear. Flowers scarlet, with black eye. Petals 5-10, broad, cup-shaped, notched, scarcely longer than sepals. Calyx greenish, smooth, spreading. Carpels in a long oval head, without teeth. 6-12 in. May-September. Herbaceous annual.

Order Papaveraceae Pale-Red Poppy (Papaver Dubium, L.)


Stem branched, with appressed hairs. Leaves divided nearly to the base; lobes blunt, broad, entire. Flowers large, pale-red; pairs of petals unequal. Filaments thread-like. Capsule sessile, club-shaped, smooth. Edge of stigmatic disk obscurely 6-12-lobed. 1-2 ft. May-July. Herbaceous annual.

Rough-Headed Poppy (Papaver Argemone, L.)

Stem erect, leafy. Leaves 2-pinnatifid. Flowers small, pale-red, with black eye. Petals narrow, soon falling. Filaments swollen above. Capsule club-shaped, roughly hairy. Stigma convex, 4-6 rayed. 6-18 in. May-July. Herbaceous annual.

Rough-Headed Poppy (Papaver Hybridum, L.)

Erect. Stem with few branches. Leaves 2-pinnatifid: lobes acute or awned. Flowers crim-son or purplish, with dark eye. Filaments swollen j above. Capsule rounded, roughly hairy. Stigma convex, 4-8 rayed. 6-15 in. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Order Flmariaceae Fine-Leaved Fumitory (Fumaria Parviflora, Lam.)

Stem erect or spreading. Leaves greyish or bluish-green. Segments narrow, channelled. Flowers whitish or purple. Raceme dense. Sepals small, triangular-ovate, linear, acute. ' Flower-stalks equal to bracts, shorter than fruit. Fruit obovate, small-warted. 6-10 in. June-September.

Order Composite

Scentless Mayweed (Matricaria Inodora, L.)

Erect or spreading. Stem branched, angular, smooth, without barren shoots. Leaves sessile, pinnatifid. Segments capillary, pointed. Flower-heads terminal, solitary. . Involucral bracts lanceolate, blunt, with a brown border. Ray white; disk yellow. Receptacle ovate, then conical. Fruit rough, with two glands on the outer side below the entire raised border. Scent faint or nil. 1-1 1/2. June-October. Herbaceous annual.

Order Geraniaceae

Clover Dodder (Cuscuta Trifolii, Bab.)

On Clover. Differs from Heath Dodder chiefly in having yellowish-white flowers and yellow apicu-late anthers. 1-3 ft. August.

Order Orobaxchaceae

Orobanche Ramosa, L

On Hemp. Stem branched. Calyx tubular; calyx-teeth 4, triangular-ovate, pointed. Core! ., blue. Anthers j smooth. 4-8 in. Annual. Rare.

Great Broom-Rape (Orobanche Reticulata, W All.)

On Thistles. Sepals simple, hairy only at the base. Corolla white or yellowish. Filaments glandular, hairy above. 1-3 ft. July. Perennial. J Yorkshire. Very rare.

Order Illecebrace.ae

Annual Knawel (Sderanthus annuus. La, - Stems much branched, dichotomous. slender. Leaves bent back, often white below. Flowers green, solitary below, forming a dense corymb above. Calyx-lobes acute, with narrow membranous border; spreading and 10-nerved in iruit. 2-8 in. June-September. Herbaceous annual or biennial.

Order Gramixaceae

Rye Grass (Lolium Multiflorum. Lam.)

No barren shoots, and not tufted (difference from Z. italien mi. Paler than L. perenne. Ligule short, abrupt. 0-14 flowers in each spikeiet. Lower palea with long awn. 1-2 ft. June. Annual. Cultivated.