Dove's Foot (Geranium Molle, L.)

Dove's Foot is found in pastures and waste places, dry places, cultivated ground. The habit is the rosette habit, prostrate. The plant is softly downy, glandular above. The stem is spreading. The leaves are rounded to kidney-shaped, with 7-9 lobes, which are contiguous, wedge-shaped, deep, scalloped, trifid at the tip. The radical leaves are long-stalked. The stipules are ovate. The flowers are small, purple or white, with lilac claws, fringed with hairs, the sepals blunt-pointed, shorter than the petals, which are notched, oblong. The flower-stalks are axillary. The carpels are persistent, transversely wrinkled, keeled, smooth. The seeds are smooth. The plant is 6-12 in. high, flowering from April to September, and is a herbaceous annual.