Wild Mignonette (Reseda Lutea, L.)

The habitat of this species is chalky and sandy fields, limestone tracts, waste places. The habit is erect. The stem is smooth, branched, ribbed. The leaves are divided nearly to the base, 2-3-lobed, the lobes few, distant, blunt, linear. The flowers are in a dense raceme, conical, pale-yellow. The sepals and petals are unequal. The 5 sepals are linear, the upper smaller. The 6 petals are unequal. The 3 upper petals have wing-like lobes, the claw is 2-lobed, the limb 3-lobed, the lateral 2-lobed with 1 wing, the lower nearly entire, protecting the honey. There are 3 stigmas. The capsule is oblong, wrinkled, 3-toothed. The seeds are black, smooth, shining, inversely egg-shaped. The plant is 2 ft. high, flowering from June to August. The plant is a herbaceous biennial.