Rubus Scheuizii, Lindeb

The habitat of this Rubus is open stony places. The habit is that of a bush forming large, low, circular masses. The stem is smooth or nearly so, and shining. The leaflets are the same colour both sides, with a few hairs only. The leaflets are all especially broad, a little paler and soft beneath. The terminal leaflets are round, with a very short, blunt point, with almost entire base, and long leaf-stalk. The panicle is long, narrow, leafy. The large petals are pale-lilac. The plant is very prickly.

Spring Cinquefoil (Potentilla Verna, L.)

The habitat of this plant is dry hilly pastures. The habit is prostrate. The stem is woody, tufted, branched. The radical leaves have 5-7 wedge-shaped, inversely egg-shaped leaflets, and are green both sides, toothed at the end, the terminal tooth smallest and shortest, with the border bristly, and on the ribs below, blunt, scalloped, or lobed above, with narrow stipules, awl-like above. The stem-leaves have 1-3 leaflets, with egg-shaped, lance-shaped stipules. The flowers are yellow, solitary, or 2-3. The achenes are smooth, hairless. The plant is 3-6 in. high, flowering from April till June, and is a herbaceous or semi-shrubby perennial.