Hieracium Sciaphilum, Becker

The habitat of this plant is woods, rocks, and banks. The stem is branched, tall, stiffly hairy below, woolly-felted, glandular above. The radical leaves are dullgreen, broad to egg-shaped, lance-shaped, oblong, acutely toothed, narrow below, limp, stiffly hairy below. The stem-leaves are numerous, like the inner basal leaves. The panicle is a loose corymb, the branches erect to spreading, in a raceme or corymb. The heads are 3 to numerous, large, rounded to egg -shaped. The flower-stalks are woolly-felted, glandular, stiffly hairy. The phyllaries are lance-shaped to linear, blunt, the inner narrowed, woolly-felted on the border, glandular, hairy. The ligules are tipped with stiff hairs. The styles are livid. The plant is 1-2 1/2 ft. high, flowering from June to September, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium Adlerzii, Almq

The habitat of this plant is river-banks, etc. The stem is simple or branched, finely furrowed, reddish, stiffly hairy, woolly-felted below and above. The radical leaves are few, forming a rosette, the earlier, small, short, egg-shaped, oblong, elliptic, toothed, rounded, blunt below, the inner oval to lance-shaped, broad, blunt, acute, narrowed to the stiffly hairy leafstalk, finely toothed below. The 3-5 stem-leaves are like the inner basal, acute, hairless above, hairy below and on the margins, which are purple. The panicle is close, in a corymb, with 1-2 lower, straight, nearly erect branches, the upper ascending. The 3-6 heads are medium, dark, rounded, blunt. The stalks are rather long, straight, woolly-felted, hairy and glandular. The phyllaries extend outwards in bud, and are broad to linear, blunt, the inner long-pointed, with pale borders, glandular, hairy, woolly-felted, senescent. The ligules are orange, hairless. The styles are livid. The margins of the receptacle pits are rather raised, toothed. The achenes are dark brown. The stem is 1-2 A ft. high, flowering in Jul)-, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium septentrionale, Arv. Touv. - The habitat of this plant is rocks by the coast and stream-sides. The plant is short. The basal leaves form a rosette, the lowest soon fading. The stem-leaves are numerous, close, smaller upwards, oval, the apex lance-shaped to triangular, the base narrow, toothed, stiffly hairy below, hairy on the borders. The panicle has 2-3 nearly erect branches, in a loose corymb. The stalks are woolly-felted, glandular. The heads are large, dark, egg-shaped. The phyllaries are narrow, rather blunt, glandular, hairy. The styles are brown. The plant is 1-2 ft. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium Cacuminatum, Dahlst

The stem of this species is tall, robust, stiffly hairy below, woolly-felted. The radical leaves are dull-green, the basal oval to oval-elliptic, with broad, sharp teeth, the inner egg-shaped to elliptic, lance-shaped, awl-like, toothed, narrowed to the long leaf-stalks. The stem-leaves are 4-6, becoming smaller, the lower stalked, egg-shaped, lance-shaped, awl-like, toothed, stiffly hairy below, the margin fringed with hairs. The panicle is narrowed, with distant lower, and close upper branches, all erect to spreading. The flower-Stalks are short, woolly-felted, glandular below the head. The heads are rather broad, darkish-green, blunt below. The phyllaries are rather narrow, linear to lance-shaped, acute, woolly-felted on the border, giandular. The ligules are hairless, the styles dull.