Hieracium Stictophyllum, Dahlst

The stem of this plant is stout, purplish, smooth or stiffly hair)-, woolly-felted above. The radical leaves are bluish-green, with purple blotches, the outer narrow to oblong, inversely egg-shaped, blunt, narrow at the base, the lower stem-leaves close, linear to lance-shaped, broad to linear, blunt, narrow below, entire or wavy, or toothed, the stalks winged, the upper smaller, narrow both ends, stalkless, hairless, stiffly hairy on the nerves below. The panicle is rather rigid, with several long, nearly erect, lower racemose branches, the upper close, longer than the acladium. The stalks are straight, woolly-felted, with bracteoles near the apex. The heads are thick, egg-shaped. The phyllaries are numerous, the outer triangular, acute, loose, the intermediate linear to lance-shaped, narrow above, the innermost with paler borders, blunt, woolly-felted, g-landular, hairy. The ligules are yellow, hairless. The styles turn colour.

Hieracium Sparsifolium, Lindeb

The habitat of this plant is cliffs and sides of streams in sub-alpine districts. The stem is simple or branched, reddish, stiffly hairy below, woolly-felted above. The 8-10 stem-leaves are close below, linear to oblong-, stalkless or nearly so, blunt, the middle acute, divided, clasping- below, the upper with a broader base, all nearly entire, or toothed, dull-green, paler below, hairy. The panicle is small with few heads. The stalks are woolly-felted, spreading, arching, with bracteoles, thickened above. The heads are large, blunt below. The outer phyllaries are loose, ligulate, the inner lance-shaped to linear, with a broad base, the sides parallel, blunt, the innermost nearly acute, hairy, glandular. The styles are brown. The plant is 6 in. to 2 ft. high, flowering- in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium cantianum, F. J. Hanb. - The stem of this plant is finely furrowed, dark-purple, stiffly hairy, woolly-felted above. The 12-20 radical leaves are deep-green, bluish-green below, the lower elliptic to lance-shaped, blunt, rounded, narrowed to the winged, shaggy leaf-stalk, the upper stalkless, broad, rounded below, egg-shaped to elliptic, lance-shaped, blunt, toothed, the uppermost acute, woolly-felted, hairy below. The panicle has long, erect to spreading-, lower branches, the upper longer than the acladium. The stalks bear bracteoles below, are woolly-felted, stiffly hairy, arching above. The heads are numerous, small, egg-shaped, near cylindrical. The phyllaries are triangular to lance-shaped, the innermost narrower, blunt, the outer woolly-felted, senescent, the inner pale-bordered, hairy, glandular. The styles are yellow. The margins of the receptacle pits are raised, sharply toothed.

Hieracium Rigidum, Hartm

The habitat of this plant is mountain glens and banks of streams. The stem is purplish, simple or branched, stiffly hairy, rough, woolly-felted. There are 6-10 stem-leaves. The lower are long, tongue-shaped, lance-shaped, toothed, the upper narrow to lance-shaped, toothed, narrow below, clasping, stiffly hairy, woolly-felted below. The panicle is a racemose corymb, the branches straight below, arching, the upper close, in a sort of umbel. The 8-14 heads are nearly cylindrical, egg-shaped below. The outer phyllaries are linear, loose, blunt, the inner narrow to lance-shaped, less blunt, parallel, pale-bordered above, woolly-felted below, glandular, hair)-. The styles are brown. The plant is 1-2 1/2 ft. high, flowering from July to September, and is a herbaceous perennial.