Alpine Mountain Vetch (Astragalus Alpinus, L.)

The habitat of this plant is lofty Scottish mountains. The habit is prostrate. The stems are slender, hairy. The leaves are as long as the leaf-stalks. The leaflets are elliptic, blunt, 10-12 paired. The stipules are free, ovate, sometimes connected below. The flowers are white and purple, in short, close racemes, few, drooping, or horizontal. The calyx is short. The pods are oblong, pendulous, i-celled, covered with black hairs, the stalk longer than the calyx, and ex-serted. The seeds are few. The plant is 2-5 in. high, flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Purple Oxytropis (Oxytropis Uralensts, D.C.)

This plant grows on barren soil on Scottish mountains, on the coast mainly. There is no stem. The leaves are shorter than the flower-stalks, sil-. The flowers are purple. The plant is 4-9 in. high. It flowers in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.