White Climbing Fumitory (Corydalis Clavi-Culata, D.C.)

The habitat of this plant is thickets, heaths, copses, banks, thatched roofs, stony places, trees, or damp and loose soil in shady places. It has a climbing habit, intermediate between a leaf-climber and a tendril-climber, the leaves ending in branched tendrils. The stem is slender and brittle. The leaves are bluish-green, with lobes each side of a common stalk, ternate, the leaflets entire, elliptic, 3-5-lobed, with small egg-shaped segments. The leaf-stalk bears tendrils. The bracts are oblong, with a blunt point, longer than the flower-stalks. The small flowers are white or cream-coloured, with a very short spur. The pods are linear, oblong, the seeds small, granulate, shining. The plant is a climber, flowering between June and September, and is either annual, biennial, or perennial.