The plant is infested by a fungus, Puccinia prenanthis.

Wall Lettuce (Lactuca muralis, Gaertn.)

Photo J. H. Crabtree - Wall Lettuce (Lactuca muralis, Gaertn.)

Rampion (Campanula Rapunculus, L.)

Photo H. Irving - Rampion (Campanula Rapunculus, L.)

The eagle was said to pluck the Wild Lettuce, with the juice of which it smeared its eyes.

Essential Specific Characters: 183. Lactuca muralis, Gaertn. - Stem slender, branched, smooth, leaves lyrate, dentate, terminal lobe larger, 3-angular, panicle diffuse, flowerheads yellow, 5 florets, equal, fruit black, compressed beak shorter, pappus pilose.