* Scales of the receptacle three-lohed.

E. maritimum: stems stiff, erect, much branched, nearly a foot high, glabrous, bluish or glaucous; leaves stiff, broad, sinuate, divided into three broad, short lobes, elegantly veined, bordered by coarse prickly teeth, the radical ones stalked, the rest stem-clasping; flower-heads nearly globular, pale blue, with an involucre of 5-8 small narrow leaves resembling those of the stem. - Sea Holly. - Sandy sea-coasts. Fl. July, August.

** Scales of the receptacle entire.

E. campestre: stems erect, a foot high, more slender and branched than in the last; leaves 2-3 times pinnatifid, with lanceolate lobes, waved, coarsely toothed, bordered and terminated by strong prickles; flower-heads more numerous, smaller, the involucral leaves purplish, pinnately toothed. - Ballast-hills near Plymouth, by the Tyne, etc. Fl. July, August.