U. nanus: stem procumbent, with the primary spines short, spreading, branched at their base only; flowers smaller and of a deeper golden yellow than the common Furze, the calyx nearly glabrous, with scarcely perceptible bracts. - Dry heaths. Fl. August to October.

(13) Ononis. Rest-harrow. O. arvensis: stem procumbent, uniformly hairy, usually 2 b 2 without spines, rooting at the base; leaves trifoliate, the leaflets broadly-oblong; flowers axillary, solitary, stalked, pink, the standard streaked with darker lines; pods ovate, erect, shorter than the calyx. - Barren sandy places. Fl. June to September.

O. antiquorum: stem erect or ascending, bifariously hairy, usually spinous; leaves trifoliate, the leaflets oblong; flowers axillary, solitary, stalked, pink; pods ovate, erect, longer than the calyx. - Barren places and pastures. Fl. June to September.