* Flowers clustered, the scales as long as the calyx.

D. prolifer: annual; stems 1/2-1 foot high, stiff, erect, wiry, glabrous, simple or nearly so; leaves few, narrow, erect flowers small, in compact ovoid, terminal heads. Gravelly pastures. Fl. July.

D. Armeria: annual; stems about one foot high, erect, slightly branched, downy; leaves herbaceous, 1-3 inches long, obtuse, or the upper ones pointed; flowers small and scentless, in terminal clusters, pink with white dots, the petals crenate on the edge. - Gravelly pastures, rare. Fl. July, August.

** Flowers few, distinct, the scales much shorter than the calyx.

D. deltoides: diffuse, leafy, tufted, the flowering stems ascending, 1/2-1 foot long, usually forked above the middle; leaves seldom half an inch long, green, glabrous, obtuse, or the upper ones scarcely pointed; flowers scentless, pink or spotted with white, solitary or two together, on short peduncles; calyx-scales half the length of the tube. - Banks and open pastures. Fl. July to October.

D. plumarius: tufted; leaves linear-subulate, glaucous, crowded together on radical shoots; stem 1/2-1 foot high, 2 - 5-flowered, the flowers solitary, pale pink, rarely white, fragrant, the petals deeply digitate-multifid; calyx-scales four times shorter than the tube. - Established here and there on old walls and ruins. Fl. June.

The Cheddar Pink (D. coesius) and the Clove Pink (D. Ca-ryophyllus), the first smaller, the second larger than D. plumarius, occur sometimes in similar situations.