* Leaves smooth.

S. acaulis: dense moss-like tufts, often many inches in diameter, much branched, the very short branches crowned by dense spreading clusters of short, linear, glabrous leaves; flowers numerous, sessile or on one-flowered peduncles, which seldom attain an inch in length, reddish-purple, the petals obovate, slightly notched, with a small scale at the base. - Moss Campion. - High mountains. Fl. July, August.

S. inflata: stems 1/2-1 foot long, loosely branched, ascending, glaucous green; leaves ovate-oblong, pointed; flowers few, white, erect or slightly drooping, in loose terminal panicles; calyx at length almost globular, inflated, and much veined; petals two-cleft. - Banks and roadsides. Fl. July.

Yar. maritima: stems short, diffuse; leaves lanceolate; flowers almost solitary, the petals two-cleft, with a scale at the base. - Sea-shores.

** Leaves downy or hairy.

S. anglica: annual; stems 1/2-1 foot high, hairy, slightly viscid, much branched, erect or decumbent at the base; leaves small, obovate, the upper ones narrow and pointed; flowers small, pale red or whitish, nearly sessile, generally all turned to one side, forming a simple or forked terminal spike, with a linear bract at the base of each; calyx very hairy, becoming ovoid. - Gravelly fields and waste places. Fl. June, July.

S. noctiflora: annual; stem 1-2 feet high, coarse, erect, hairy, viscid, simple or branched; leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate, shortly stalked, the upper ones narrow and sessile; flowers largish, pale pink or nearly white, opening at night, 2-3, or sometimes several together, in a loose, terminal, di-chotomous panicle. - Gravelly fields. Fl. July.