* Calyx-lobes shorter than the petals. L. vespertina: biennial; stem 1-2 feet high, coarse, hairy, more or less viscid, loosely branched; leaves oval-oblong, usually pointed, the lower ones stalked; flowers few, opening in the evening, and then slightly scented, in loose panicles, rather large, white, or rarely pale pink, usually dioecious; calyx softly hairy. - Hedges, fields, and waste places. Fl. June to September.

** Calyx-lobes much longer than the petals.

L. Githago: annual; stem 2-3 feet high, erect, simple or slightly branched, clothed with long, whitish, appressed hairs; leaves long, narrow; flowers on long leafless peduncles, rather large, red, inodorous, remarkable for the long green linear lobes of the calyx, the petals broad, undivided, and without any scales at the base. - Corn Cockle. - Cornfields. Fl. June, July. [See also p. 48.]