L. hispidum: leaves long, narrow, coarsely-toothed or pinnatifid; the whole plant more or less hispid with erect, stiff, short hairs; peduncles 1/2-1 foot or more long, slightly swollen at the top, with a single rather large yellow flower-head; involucre-bracts narrow, hispid, the inner row much longer than the outer ones; achenes long, striate, and transversely rugose; pappus of about a dozen brown, feathery hairs, as long as the achene, surrounded by 5-6 others not a quarter that length. - Meadows and pastures. Fl. July.

(167; Oporinia.

O. autumnalis: leaves all radical, long, narrow, pinnatifid with a few narrow lobes; flower-stems erect, with 1-2 single-headed branches; flower-heads yellow; involucres oblong, tapering at the base into the enlarged summit of the peduncle, with closely-appressed imbricated bracts, nearly always hairy; achenes long, striate, transversely wrinkled; pappus brown, feathery. - Meadows,pastures, and waste places. El. August.

Var. Taraxaci: dwarf; flower-stems often simple; flower-heads rather larger; involucre more or less covered with black hairs. - Scotch Highlands.