* Leaves smooth-keeled, on Jong stalks.

L. muralis: annual or biennial; stems glabrous, erect, two feet high, with slender branches, forming a loose terminal panicle; leaves few, thin, rather large, with a broadly-triangular, toothed or lobed terminal segment, and a few irregular smaller ones below, the upper ones small, narrow, entire or toothed; flower-heads small, yellow, on slender pedicels; involucres of five equal linear bracts, with 1-3 very small outer ones, containing 4-5 florets; beak of the black achenes much shorter than the achene itself. - Woods and shrubby places. Fl. July to August.

** Leaves sessile, with a bristly keel.

L. virosa: annual or biennial; stem erect, stiff, 2-4 feet high, with short, spreading branches, glabrous, except a few stiff bristles or small prickles on the edges and midrib of the leaves; leaves spreading, broadly-oblong, toothed; flower-heads in a leafy panicle; florets 6-12, pale yellow; achenes much flattened, obovate-oblong, striated, nearly black, with a slender beak about their own length. - Dry, stony wastes, banks, and roadsides. Fl July, August.

L. Scariola, which is allied to this, has upright leaves, arrow-shaped at the base, and the achenes are pale-coloured.