B. taraxacifolia: biennial; leaves chiefly radical, runcinately pinnatifid, with a large, terminal, coarsely-toothed lobe; stems erect, 1-2 feet high, bearing a few small, narrow leaves; flower-heads small, forming a loose, terminal, flat corymb; florets yellow, purple beneath; achenes all terminated by a slender beak about the length of the achene itself. - Dry pastures and waste places, chiefly in limestone districts. Fl. June, July.

B. foetida, an allied plant, growing about a foot high, has irregularly-pinnatifid leaves, few flower-heads on long peduncles, and the beak of the outer achenes very short, often scarcely distinct, whilst that of the inner ones is long and slender, carrying up the whole pappus above the tips of the involucral bracts.