G. Amarella: annual; stems erect, much-branched, 1/4-1 foot high, often with a purplish tinge; leaves ovate or lanceolate; flowers numerous, crowded, or sometimes forming a loose, oblong, leafy panicle, pale purplish-blue; calyx divided to the middle into five narrow-lanceolate, nearly equal lobes; corolla-tube broad, fringed at the throat, the limb spreading, divided into five ovate or oblong lobes. - Dry hilly pastures. Fl. August, September.

G. campestris much resembles this, but is usually stouter, more branched, and more crowded with leaves and flowers; it is known by the parts of the flower being in fours, not in fives, and by two of the lobes of the calyx being broadly ovate, overlapping two other narrow ones. [See also p. 59.]