E. Centaurium: annual; stems erect, from 2-12 inches high, branched in the upper part; leaves broadly ovate, forming a spreading radical tuft, the upper ones in distant pairs, ovate-oblong or narrow-linear; flowers pink, usually numerous, in a terminal, repeatedly-forked cyme or panicle, the corolla with a slender tube, and a spreading, five-cleft limb. - Dry pastures and sandy places. Fl July, August. The following are probably forms or varieties: E. pulchella: more branched, with numerous flowers, the tube of the corolla not much longer than the calyx, and the lobes of the limb narrow. - Sandy places.

E. latifolia: dwarf with rather large flowers and broad leaves. - Sandy sea shores.

E. littoralis: much branched, usually small, with very narrow leaves and rather large flowers, often dwindled down to a simple stem half an inch high, with a single flower. - Sandy sea shores.