S. pratensis: leaves ovate, heart-shaped or oblong, coarsely toothed, wrinkled; stem 1-1 1/2 feet high, downy, with a few narrow leaves near its base; flowers in a long, handsome, terminal, almost simple whorled spike, the corolla near thrice as long as the calyx, rich blue, with a long arched upper lip. - Dry pastures, rare. Fl. July.

S. Verbenaca: stems hairy, erect, 1-2 feet high, slightly-branched; leaves stalked, ovate, coarsely toothed or lobed, wrinkled, the upper ones sessile, the bract-like floral leaves small, heart-shaped, entire; flowers in terminal hairy spikes, small, blue; the corolla seldom twice as long as the calyx. - Waste places, roadsides. Fl. June to October.