A. patula: annual; stems erect or prostrate, more or less mealy-white; leaves stalked, usually hastate, sometimes opposite, the upper ones narrow, entire; flowers clustered in slender spikes, forming narrow, leafy, terminal panicles; segments of the fruiting perianth ovate or rhomboidal, pointed, often toothed at the edge and warted or muricate on the back. - Waste places and sea-coasts. Fl. June to September.

Mr. Bentham places as varieties the four following plants often distinguished as species: A. deltoidea, erect or spreading; lower leaves broadly triangular or hastate, often coarsely and irregularly-toothed. - Waste ground and sea-shores.

A. erecta: stem erect; leaves lanceolate, the lower ones broader and hastate. - Cultivated ground.

A. angustifolia: stem spreading or decumbent; leaves mostly lanceolate, or the upper ones linear. - Waste places.

A. littoralis: stems erect; leaves still narrower than in the last, often toothed. - Sea-shores.

A. rosea: annual; stems procumbent, the whole plant frosted with a white scaly meal; leaves broadly triangular or rhomboidal, coarsely-toothed; fruiting perianth mealy-white, thick, rhomboidal or orbicular, often warted, the segments united to above the middle. - Sea-coasts. - Fl. July to September.