C. virens: annual; stem 1-3 feet high, subcorymbose; leaves very variable, lanceolate, remotely-dentate, runcinate or pinnatifid, the uppermost linear-arrow shaped, clasping, with flat margins; outer involucral scales adpressed-linear, inner ones glabrous within; florets yellow. - Common in dry pastures and wastes. Fl. June to September.

C. paludosa: stem two feet high, leafy, simple, angular, subcorymbose; leaves large, ovate-oblong, taper-pointed, run-cinate-dentate, narrowed into a footstalk, glabrous, the upper ones ovate-lanceolate, cordate, clasping, acute, entire or dentate; involucral scales lanceolate, much attenuated, glandular-pilose, the outer ones short; florets yellow. - Damp woods and shady places. Fl. July to September.