H. vulgatum: stem erect, leafy, 1-3 feet high, with several leaves, the radical ones few, persistent, all oblong-lanceolate, narrowed into a footstalk, usually coarsely-toothed, the teeth all pointing upwards; heads panicled; involucre pubescent; florets yellow. - A. very variable plant. - Woods, banks, and walls. Fl July to September.

H. boreale: stem erect, scabrous, 1-2 feet, hispid below, leafy, slightly-branched and corymbose above; leaves ovate-lanceolate or lanceolate, sinuate-dentate or nearly entire, the lower ones narrowed into a dilated petiole, the upper sessile with a rounded base, the uppermost small; radical leaves evanescent; corymb irregular; involucral scales with a slightly hispid keel; florets yellow. - Thickets. Fl. August, September.