F. officinalis: annual, tufted or diffuse, 1/2-1 foot high; leaves much divided into numerous flat segments, generally three-lobed, the lobes broadly lanceolate or oblong; flowers in racemes of 1-2 inches long, at first dense, often lengthening out, red, the sepals ovate-lanceolate, narrower than the corolla tube; nuts rugose, retusely globose. - Cultivated ground. Fl. May to September. The two following plants are often separated as species: Var. micrantha: leaf-segments usually small; flowers pale red, smaller and in closer racemes, the sepals remarkably large, broader than the corolla tube. - Fields.

Var. parviflora: leaf-segments narrow; flowers small, white or rarely red, the sepals very small, sometimes quite minute. - Fields.

F. capreolata: annual, climbing or diffuse; steins two feet or more high; leaves cut into numerous divisions, with broadish flat lobes; flowers white or pale red, the sepals ovate toothed, as broad as the corolla tube; nuts nearly orbicular. - Walls and Hedges. Fl. June to September.