* Leaves simple, rarely pinnatifid.

P. communis: tree; leaves ovate or obovate, finely saw-toothed, smooth; flowers large, white, in short racemes or bunches of 6-10; fruit large, top-shaped. - Pear-tree. - Woods and hedges. Fl. April, May.

P. Malus: tree; leaves ovate or obovate, saw-toothed, downy; flowers large, pinkish, several together, in a sessile umbel; fruit large, roundish. - Apple-tree or Crab. - Woods and hedges. Fl. May.

P. Aria: shrub or tree; leaves ovate or obovate, sharply serrated, white and cottony beneath; flowers white, in dense flat corymbs; fruit small, globular, red. There are varieties: P. intermedia, and P. pinnatifida with the leaves variously cut. - Beam-tree. - Mountainous woods. Fl. May.

P. torminalis: tree: leaves broad, cut into about 7 broad pointed toothed lobes, white beneath while young; flowers white, in corymbs; fruit small, globular, greenish-brown. - Wild Service-tree. - Woods and hedges. Fl. April, May.

** Leaves pinnately divided.

P. Aucuparia: tree; leaflets numerous, oblong, toothed, downy beneath; flowers small, very numerous, in large corymbs; fruit small, globular, bright red. - Rowan-tree, Quicken-tree, or Mountain Ash. - Mountainous woods. Fl. May.