* Leaves fleshy; capsule three five-valved.

A. peploides: stems short, procumbent, usually forked from a creeping root-stock; leaves numerous, somewhat fleshy, ovate or elliptical, half an inch long, the upper smaller and broader; flowers few, white, in small, leafy, terminal cymes, more or less unisexual; petals scarcely longer than the sepals; capsule nearly globular, opening in three (sometimes 4-5) broad valves. - Sea Pimpernel, Sea Purslane, or Sea Chick-weed. - Maritime sands. Fl. June, July.

** Leaves thin; capsules six to ten-valved.

A. serpyllifolia: annual; stems dichotomous, much branched, slender, slightly downy, seldom attaining six inches; high leaves small, ovate, pointed; flowers from the upper axils or forks, on long slender pedicels; petals usually much shorter than the sepals, obovate; capsule opening in six narrow valves. - Walls and dry sands. Fl. July. [See also p. 48.]