S. graminea: stems diffuse or nearly erect, often 1-2 feet long, glabrous, slender, quadrangular; leaves sessile, linear-lanceolate, pointed; flowers small, white, in long loose panicles, which often become lateral as the flowering advances; sepals three-ribbed; petals narrow, deeply cleft, seldom exceeding the calyx. - Lesser Stitchwort. - Meadows and bushy pastures. Fl. June to August.

S. glauca: stems about one foot high, erect, weak, angular, smooth; leaves linear-lanceolate, acute, smooth, glaucous, sessile; flowers solitary or in a few-flowered lax corymb, white; sepals three-ribbed; petals deeply cleft. - Marshy places. Fl. June, July. [See also p. 49.]