P. vulgaris: leaves oblong-ovate, wrinkled, crenate, narrowing gradually into the footstalks; scapes single-flowered; flowers erect, pale yellow, with a flat limb. - Woods and thickets. Fl. April, May.

Var. umbellata, flowers umbellate, oxlip-like. - Pastures.

P. veris: leaves ovate, contracted below, wrinkled, crenate; scapes umbellate, many-flowered; flowers small, nodding, deep yellow, with a concave limb, the segments cordate. - Cowslip or Paigle. - Meadows and pastures. Fl. April, May.

These two plants are sometimes, perhaps correctly, regarded as varieties of one species. It is probable that many hybrids are formed between them, many of which are mistaken for the true P. elatior.

P. elatior: leaves ovate, contracted below, wrinkled, denticulate; scapes umbellate, many-flowered; flowers large, nodding, yellow, with a somewhat concave limb, the segments cordate-oblong. - Oxlip. - Pastures, rare. Fl. April, May.