N. Pseudo-Narcissus: bulbous; leaves broadly linear, blunt, not keeled; flowers solitary, large, scentless, with a broad deep yellow tubular coronet as long as the segments, which are paler. - Daffodil or Daffy-down-dilly. - Woods and thickets. Fl. March.

N. biflorus: bulbous; leaves broadly linear, bluntly keeled, their edges reflexed; flowers usually two, pale straw-colour or nearly white, sweet-scented, the coronet short, broadly cup-shaped, yellow. - Primrose Peerless. - Sandy fields. Fl. April, May.

(96) G-alanthus. Snowdrop. G. nivalis: bulbous, dwarf; leaves narrow-linear; flowers solitary, drooping, white, the inner segments much the shorter and tipped with green. - Meadows and thickets. Fl. February.