* Flowers yellow.

S. aizoides: flowering stems ascending about six inches high; leaves alternate, narrow, smooth, shining, entire, rarely with 1-2 teeth; flowers yellow, in a loose panicle of 3-12 or more; calyx segments almost as yellow as the petals. - Wet rocks in mountainous districts. Fl. June to September.

S. Hirculus: flowering stem ascending, about six inches high, terminated by a single, rather large yellow flower; leaves alternate, narrow-oblong or linear, entire. - Wet moors at high elevations. Fl. August.

** Flowers white. † Calyx adherent at the base.

S. hypnoides: barren shoots, numerous, decumbent, sometimes 2-3 inches long, sometimes contracted into a short dense tuft; leaves mostly entire, narrow-linear, pointed, some of the larger ones often 3-5-lobed, glabrous or more- or less ciliated; stems 3-6 inches high, with few leaves, and 1-8 large white flowers. - Rather moist rocky situations. Fl. May to July. Very variable in the development of its stems, leaves, and flowers, and in the more or less pointed or almost obtuse segments of the leaves and calyx.

†† Calyx free.

S. stellaris: tufted, and when luxuriant elongated into leafy branches, 1-2 inches long; leaves spreading, thin, varying from oblong to obovate, with a few coarse teeth, tapering at the base; stems erect, 3-6 inches high; flowers from 2-3 to 8-10, forming a loose terminal panicle, small, white, star-like, on slender, spreading pedicels, each with a small leafy bract. - Wet rocks in mountain ranges. Fl. June, July.

*** Flowers pin Jc.

S. umbrosa: root-leaves collected in dense rosulate tufts, spreading, thick and leathery, glabrous, obovate, bordered with cartilaginous crenatures or coarse teeth, and narrowed at the base into a short flattened stalk; flowering stems erect, leafless, 1/2-1 foot high; flowers in a loose, slender panicle, small, pink, elegantly spotted with dark crimson. - London Pride or St. Patrick's Cabbage. - Mountains of south-western Ireland, and Yorkshire. Fl. June.

S. Geum: resembling the last, but the leaves are orbicular, usually notched or cordate at the base, with long hairy stalks, the leaves also having a few scattered hairs on both surfaces. - West of Ireland. Fl. June.