A. - Berberis vulgaris, Linnaeus: p. 80.

1. A flower, separate.

2. A petal, with its two glands.

3. A stamen, showing the valves of its anthers.

4. The pistil.

5. One of the fruits.

B. - Nymphaea alba, Linnaeus: p. 81.

1, 2. Different forms of stamens.

3. The pistil, with its sessile radiating stigma. C. - Papaver Rhoeas, Linnaeus: p. 82.

1. A stamen.

2. The pistil, with its sessile radiating stigma.

3. The ripe capsule, showing the apertures for the escape of the seeds. D. - Reseda lutea, Linnaeus: p. 82.

1. One of the flowers, separate.

2. One of the upper petals.

3. Other forms of petals.

4. The ovary, accompanied by a stamen.

Plate 7.

Berberis vulgaris

Berberis vulgaris

Nymphaea alba

Nymphaea alba

Papaver Rhas.

Papaver Rhoeas.

Reseda lutea

Reseda lutea

W.Fitch, deletlith

Vincent Brooks, imp