A. - Crocus vermis, Willdenow: p. 4.

1. The base of the flower-tube, laid open in the upper part, showing the attachment of the stamens.

2. One of the stamens.

3. The three-cleft stigma.

B. - G-alanthus nivalis, Linnaeus: p. 3.

1. A stamen.

2. The pistil, showing the ovary at the base. C. - Scilla verna, Hudson: p. 20.

1. One of the flowers, separate.

2. A segment of the star-shaped perianth, with its stamen.

3. The pistil.

D. - Hyacinthus non-scriptus, Linnaeus: p. 20.

1. Portion of a flower, showing the pistil, and the insertion of the stamen3.

2. A transverse section of the ovary.

Plate 6.

Crocus vernus

Crocus vernus

Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus nivalis

Scilla verna.

Scilla verna.

Hyacinthus non scriptus.

Hyacinthus non-scriptus.

W.Fitch, deletlith

Vincent Brooks, Imp.