Sagittaria latifolia. (Sagitta, an arrow, from the shape of the leaves.) - Family, Water Plantain. Flowers in whorls of 2 or 3 about the leafless scape. The upper whorls are staminate, with 3 large, rounded white petals and numerous stamens. The lower one or two whorls are of smaller, inconspicuous, and fertile flowers, with 3 sepals. Leaves, on long petioles, strongly arrow-shaped, with deep, pointed lobes. Stems, smooth, with milky juice.

Arrow Head (Sagittaria latifolia)

Arrow-Head (Sagittaria latifolia)

A familiar plant, noticeable quite as much for its handsome, dark-green, arrow-shaped leaves as for its pretty spike of broad, white blossoms. Sometimes it grows entirely in water. More often it stands upon the wet banks of slowly moving streams. There are many species and varieties of Sagittaria, marked by variability of leaves, some of which lose the arrow-shape and become long and narrow. (See illustration, p. 41.)