Alisma Plantago-aquatica. - Family, Water Plantain. Flowers, small, in a compound, spreading panicle much higher than the leaves. Color, white, sometimes light pink. Stamens and pistils in different flowers. Petals, 3, white. Sepals, 3, with white margins. Stamens, 6. Pistils, several, in fruit forming a ring. Leaves, all from the root, resembling common plantain leaves, broad, with long petioles, smooth, many-veined, often heart-shaped at base, sheathing. Roots, fibrous, 6 inches to 2 feet high. July to September. Common in shallow water.

A plant growing sometimes in water, more often in mud on banks, and especially in the soft, boggy ground made by cows in their passing to and from water. (See illustration, P. 43.)

Watfr Plantain (Alisma Plantago aquatica)

Water Plantain (Alisma Plantago-aquatica)