(Name from uvula, meaning palate, from the position of the flower under the leaves). Family, Lily. Color, pale or dull yellow. Stems, from 8 to 20 inches high, slender, springing from a perennial rootstock. The ascending branch divides, bearing a drooping, solitary, bell - shaped flower which hangs from a long (1-inch) peduncle, at first terminal, but becoming lateral as the branch grows beyond it. Divisions of perianth, 6, long, narrow, spreading at the top, roughish within. Stamens, 6. Ovary, 3-lobed. Leaves, oblong or oval, pointed at apex, roundish at the base, through which the stem passes. May and June.

Rich, moist woods from Massachusetts southward. Found 3,500 feet high in mountains of Virginia. A pretty flower of the spring.