Cimicifuga racemosa - Family, Crowfoot. Sepals, 4 or 5, soon falling. Petals, small, on claws, 2-horned, like transformed stamens. Stamens, many, on slender, white filaments, giving the flower a feathery appearance. Pistils, 1, sometimes 2 or 3, forming a curious ovoid pod in fruit. Flowers in long, wand-like racemes which extend in fruit 2 or 3 feet. Stem, often tall, 7 or 8 feet, from a rootstock. Leaves, alternate, twice or thrice compound, the leaflets small, cut and toothed, on long petioles. July.

A conspicuous, coarse plant, with an unpleasant odor. It is supposed to be poisonous to insects.