Color, white or light pink. (See under Pink-Shrubs, p. 444.)

Low Sweet Blueberry. Early Sweet Blueberry V. pennsyl-vanicum. -Color, white or pinkish. Leaves, lance-shape or oblong, with fine, small teeth, pointed at both ends small, downy on the veins underneath, smooth above. Corolla, bell-shape, long, smaller at the mouth, with style slightly protruding. Berries, a rather light blue, with a whitish bloom, very sweet, found clustered on the ends of the branches. Branches irregular and angular, smooth, with light green, white-dotted hark. May and June.

Our earliest and sweetest blueberry. A low, straggling shrub, 6 to 20 inches high, found in dry, sterile soil, in woods, fields, and barrens, from Newfoundland to Virginia and westward. Berries ripe in June and July.