Color of flowers, white, with yellowish scales underneath. Leaves, linear, lance-shaped, slightly clasping, running down on the stem. 2 to 3 feet high, woolly, fragrant. July to September.

Open clearings, dry or wet soil. A stout, erect, very woolly plant, the flowers, with their dry and scarious scales, clustered in dense, flat-topped masses.

From Mr. Gibson we learn that a species of butterfly ("Hunter's") with orange, black, and rose colored wings, selects this plant from which to hang its cocoon, made of the petals of the flowers woven together with its own silk. He says: "If we take a walk in the grassy road, in the pasture-lot, or mountain-path, we may now (September 22d) find dozens of them. Yonder is a clump of the everlasting among the sweet-ferns. It is white with blossoms, and some of them seem fraying out in the wind. Our bower-builder is certainly there - perhaps a dozen of them. Ah, yes, here is our bower dangling from the top of the stem and blowing in the breeze."