Fumaria officinalis (name means "smoke," from the smokelike smell of the roots when pulled out of the ground). - Family, Fumitory. Color, a light pink tipped with dark crimson. Of the 4 petals the outer pair is large, erect, joined together, and one of them is spurred. Pod, roundish, containing one seed. Flowers, quite small, in a long, dense spike, short - peduncled. Stems, 1/2 to 3 feet long. Leaves, finely dissected, petioled. Summer.

Near dwellings and neglected places, sometimes on ballast, in all the Eastern and Gulf States. Not common.

Cuckoo Flower. Cardamine pratensis

Family, Mustard. Color, white or pink. (See White Flowers, p. 80.)

Spider Flower. Ciedme spinbsa

Family, Caper. Color, white or pink. (See White Flowers, p. 81.)

Bowman's Root. Indian Physic. Gittenia trifoliata

Family, Rose. Color, pale pink or white. (See White Flowers, p. 86.)