Family, Fumitory. Color of petals, a delicate rose, tipped with yellow. Sepals, 2, small, like scales. Corolla of 4 petals, the upper extending into a short, rounded spur. Stamens, 6, in 2 sets of 3 each, the middle stamen of each group bearing a 2-celled, the outside ones a 1-celled, anther. Pistil, 1, making a long, slender pod. Flowers, about 1/2 inch long, in panicled clusters. Leaves, delicate, pale green, pinnately cut or divided, the upper almost sessile, the lower with short petioles,

1 to 4 inches long. Stem, erect, leafy, and branching. April to September.

A delicate plant, 2 feet high or less. It grows by preference on moist, shaded rocks. If there be fairies among flowers, this is one. New England to the Rocky Mountains. Found 4,500 feet high in North Carolina.