Family, Mallow. Color, white, with pink or lavender veins, sometimes with a bluish tinge. Calyx of 5 sepals, under which are 3 narrow bracts. Petals, 5, twice the length of the calyx, notched. Stamens united by their filaments into a tube. Styles, several, with their stigmatic surfaces on the inner sides. In fruit they make a "cheese," about 15 carpels being united into a ring, each carpel 1-seeded. Leaves, on long petioles, round, heart-shaped at base, with broadly toothed margins. May to November.

This homely weed, found in all our dooryards, will repay an examination under the magnifying-glass. Stem, 4 to 12 inches long. The althaea and hollyhock are members of this Family.